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WasteAware provides a fantastic introduction to best practice waste and resource management. This highly interactive module will get you and your staff thinking about waste management and resource efficiency. WasteAware focuses on personal engagement, with your journey beginning at home before moving on to the workplace.  

WasteAware will help your organisation develop a company-wide commitment to waste and resource management so you can reduce your waste costs and dramatically improve efficiency.

The course is accredited for 30 minutes CPD.


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Who has this module been designed for?

  • Individuals, teams or organisations looking for an introduction to best practice and sustainable waste and resource management.
  • New staff as part of an induction programme.
  • Sustainability champions.
  • Senior Managers and Stakeholders.
  • Students, Graduates.
  • Members of Professional Institutions looking for CPD.
  • No prior knowledge or experience in waste management is required.


What will you learn?

The course provides an understanding of the benefits of good practice in sustainable waste and resource management.  It explores how to improve waste management, in a number of different settings, by applying the Waste Hierarchy and other key resource efficiency and circular economy principles. 

It also considers how you should be segregating, handling and storing different waste materials to maximise their values as resources, reduce costs and remain within the law.