Wales Launches Consultation on its Landfill Tax

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Welsh Government has launched a new consultation on its Landfill Disposal Tax which will replace the current UK Landfill Tax in Wales from April 2018.

These new devolved powers will enable the Welsh Government to design a system and set tax rates specifically for landfill sites in Wales, and follows the similar transfer of landfill tax powers which will happen in Scotland later this year.

The shape and scope of Wales’ Landfill Disposals Tax will be determined by the outcome of this latest consultation, which is due to close on the 19th May 2015.  The document is wide-ranging and covers a number of areas, including tax rates and taxable disposals, compliance and enforcement, administration and community wellbeing. 

The consultation also addresses the issue of possibly including illegal deposits of waste within the scope of the new tax.  This would mean that waste operators who have been found to be illegally disposing of waste would be required to pay the landfill tax twice; firstly at the point where the illegal disposal occurred and again when the waste is disposed at a licensed landfill site.

The outcome of the consultation could have significant impacts on organisations that currently use any of the 28 landfill sites in Wales to manage and dispose of their waste.  These impacts could be further felt if future Welsh rates did not increase in line with the landfill tax rates set elsewhere in the UK.  However, the Welsh Government has announced that they recognise the importance of maintaining consistency of any new taxes with those set in England and Scotland.

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