Valpak adds compliance expertise to Cloud Sustainability portfolio

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Valpak has been providing simple, innovative environmental solutions to over 4,000 customers since 1997 when the first piece of producer responsibility legislation, the Packaging Waste Regulations, was introduced in the UK.  Valpak also provides solutions for organisations obligated under a range of other environmental legislation topics.

Valpak offers a range of complementary consulting services in waste management and recycling, carbon management, energy management and international compliance.

How we work together

As experts in the producer responsibility compliance field, Valpak understand the challenges their members and customers face in accessing good quality, robust guidance on broader environmental legislation topics. This legislation is becoming increasingly complex and stringently regulated, with considerably greater penalties impacting organisations that are not compliant.

We have therefore teamed up with Valpak to provide their members and customers with an exclusive subscription service ‘Valpak Waste Manager’. 

Valpak Waste Manager represents the most cost effective means to:

  • Access exclusively accredited learning and reference materials - educating an organisations staff and key stakeholders in the core principles of resource management, circular economy and ‘waste’.
  • Understand the complicated waste management legislation in place on a UK and EU level and build a detailed compliance management system.
  • Keep up to date on legislation changes and build a comprehensive legal register in line with the ISO14001 standard.
  • Drive improvements in performance through the use of comprehensive strategy and data analysis tools.


Why they love us

"Cloud Sustainability are a dynamic company with a very complementary philosophy to Valpak.  They have managed to spot a real gap in the market and have developed a range of high quality tools that will benefit organisations of any scale across multiple sectors. Learning, Compliance and Data management represent the cornerstone of effective sustainability strategy, we are therefore delighted to be working with Cloud Sustainability to deliver an exclusive service which includes all of these components and more - Valpak Waste Manager. At Valpak, we are always looking for ways to extend our value proposition and we are excited by the opportunity Valpak Waste Manager creates for our members and customers." Steve Gough, CEO, Valpak


Why we love them

"Valpak is a great company with an excellent brand and they are highly respected in the sectors they operate in.  This is a very exciting partnership for us as we collaborate with Valpak to enhance our platforms functionality and deliver increasing value to our customer base.  Thanks to this partnership and our combined resources, we can cement our position as leaders in both the sustainability software and compliance services marketplaces." Daniel Botterill, CEO, Cloud Sustainability.


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