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We believe that being sustainable is simply being better at business.

By being more sustainable, we can limit or improve our impact on the environment, be more socially responsible and be more financially efficient and prosperous in the long term.

Cloud Sustainability provides individuals and organisations with the tools needed to learn about sustainability, comply with complex legislation and improve performance.


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It starts with your people...

It starts with your people...

Effective behaviour change programmes are at the heart of high performing sustainability strategies.

The organisational benefits can be considerable, from reducing or improving our impact on the environment, to delivering financial savings and enhanced profit margins. Employee engagement programmes also create a sense of community and inspire collaboration amongst colleagues.

“The benefits of the Cloud Sustainability approach are substantial in environmental, social and governance terms.”
Begum Kurkcu, Sustainability Manager, Mitie

The Benefits of the Cloud Sustainability Approach

The Benefits of the Cloud Sustainability Approach

Save money, increase productivity, improve reporting, be compliant.

Benefit #1 – Save money, improve the environment

The cost and environmental savings delivered through effective engagement and behaviour change programmes can be significant.

This is particularly evident where the initiatives target resource or commodity related efficiencies.

“We have improved in all aspects of our approach to waste generation and resource management since we started work with Cloud Sustainability.” Juliet Thomas, Assistant Director of Estates, University of Kent

Benefit #1 – Save money, improve the environment

Benefit #2 – Increase productivity and improve engagement

Benefit #2 – Increase productivity and improve engagement

  • Employees feel more engaged with the ‘cause’ and purpose of the organisation.
  • Better ‘engagement’ leads to:
    • Increased productivity
    • More positive attitude and confidence in front of customers.
  • Improved understanding of your organisations sustainability and CSR Strategy
  • The existence of a programme around a wider ‘good’ cause increases the employees sense of belonging and pride.

The Cloud Sustainability approach establishes a learning culture that is inspirational, adaptable, affordable and measurable.

Benefit #3 – Improve measurement and sustainability reporting

An engagement programme will only be effective if its impact can be measured and monitored.

By analysing data from sustainability programmes in detail, organisations can identify initiatives that are working well or target elements that require further attention.

The Cloud Sustainability approach enables the effective monitoring of the sustainability engagement programme and aligns the impact with strategy, targets, core KPIs and reporting requirements.


Cloud Sustainability Knowledge Radar

Cloud Sustainability Knowledge Radar

Impact of engagement programme on team knowledge levels

Benefit #4 – Be compliant

Benefit #4 – Be compliant

Legislation is an increasingly significant driver for sustainability globally, particularly in the environmental spectrum.

Many organisations are faced with a considerable challenge in achieving and maintaining compliance and run the risk of being fined or prosecuted by the regulators where they are found to be non-compliant.

Cloud Sustainability’s learning programmes are a cost effective way to ensure compliance in complex regulatory subjects.

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