Our mission

Our mission is to create, educate and inspire sustainable people*

We will transform the way sustainability knowledge, consultancy and training is delivered; reducing costs, educating and empowering the user, creating self-sufficiency and delivering long-term sustainable benefit.


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Our aim

Our aim

Our core aim is to help organisations and individuals to be more sustainable through:

  • Promoting sustainability knowledge and skill development, driving self-sufficiency;
  • Eliminating resource wastage and increasing profitability;
  • Aiding compliance with increasingly stringent environmental and sustainability lead legislation.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Cloud Sustainability was formed by sustainability experts in partnership with software and e-learning development specialists. We provide a modern dimension to sustainability consultancy and training that is more accessible and cost-effective than the traditional out-dated alternatives.

Our Sustainability Policy

In all aspects of our business we do our best to understand and continuously improve our sustainability performance.

Our key commitments are summarised in our Sustainability Policy.

Cloud Sustainability Ltd is a software development company that works with a range of organisations in the public and private sector to help them improve their sustainability performance. Whilst delivering sustainability improvements is our core business focus we also recognise the importance of carrying out our business operations in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We do this through:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, codes of practice and client requirements as a minimum.
  • Identifying the sustainability impacts of the use of remote or ‘cloud’ based servers used in our business operations and putting plans in place to reduce them.
  • Ensuring that comprehensive waste minimisation and recycling initiatives are in place in all our offices.
  • Reducing energy and water consumption in all our offices.
  • Giving priority to using public transport in our commuting and business travel, where practically possible.
  • Providing opportunities for staff to work from home and utilise remote meeting facilities where appropriate.
  • Ensuring a high quality working environment is in place for our staff and providing the opportunity to undertake further training and professional development.
  • Measuring our performance and promoting continual improvement through setting annual objectives and targets and undertaking internal audits.
  • Sharing good practice with partner organisations and relevant sector bodies. The Cloud Sustainability Board of Directors holds ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the Sustainability Policy.
  • The CEO is the sustainability champion and responsible for its day to day operation.
  • The Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness according to the nature and scale of the company’s operations.