September Newsletter

Monday, September 25, 2017

Septembers News from Cloud Sustainability

Wow, it’s been a busy Summer! We haven’t let our foot off the biogas for the last three months. While you guys have been taking a well earned break, we have been through an acquisition, we have been hiring, and we have been developing. 2018 is shaping up to a pretty exciting year for us.


We are pleased to announce we have now joined the Ditto Ai family. Ditto have been working away for a few years powering our Waste Expert platform. A platform that manages the data behind all your waste streams and provides real time analysis on spend and compliance. The courting is over and the partnership is official. We are delighted to have their specialist knowledge in the automation of human decision making and expertise, that will allow our platform to not only show you real time data, but advise and instruct you on how to reach your sustainability goals. There will be a big rebranding effort over the next few months, but watch this space for news on a name change in time for 2018
‘The acquisition by Ditto Ai is a great step forward for the business.  Ditto’s expertise and unique approach lends itself perfectly to sustainability related topics.  The acquisition provides us with considerable development resource, which we can utilise to drive the business forward and capture the ideas and requirements our diverse customer base demands.’ 
Dan Botterill, CEO, Cloud Sustainability

‘We have enjoyed a highly productive and successful working relationship with Cloud Sustainability and it made so much sense to join up more officially in order to deliver on the aggressive goals both parties have for growth. We believe that with our patented IP, coupled with the industry knowledge and experience of the Cloud team, we can revolutionise the sustainability industry. Ditto will put the AI in Sustainability’. 
Rick Turner CEO, Ditto Ai


Ben Gardner started at the end of August, and has hit the ground running in his role. He has taken on the Sales, Marketing and the newly formed Customer Success Division. He comes from a SaaS background and is being tasked to rapidly scale and grow the business over the next four years.

Jack Morris joins us with an industry background in carbon and energy, another big area for us both from a product perspective and from a Learning perspective. He joins us today, so will be learning the ropes for the first few weeks before helping on a project basis and with our Customer Success team. It is great to have him on board, and great to see the team growing. We fully expect to hire another four or five heads in the coming months and will be advertising all roles on our website.


With great new owners in Ditto, we have started the plans on a number of product development initiatives.
Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
In line with what our customers have been asking for, and also with the renewed push by the UN's Sustainability goals, it is ever more important to review how companies are measuring and managing their ESG initiatives. A big part of our product roadmap for the next 18 months is to develop tools to allow companies to track and monitor this performance with ease and transparency.
Environmental Management Systems (EMS) & Compliance
This area is perfect for the Ditto platform.  The volume of environmental law and complexity makes building meaningful and measurable Environmental Management Systems challenging. We believe current tools provided in this area are simply too primitive for most organisations and so we are currently working on a new tool that will not only completely automate your legal register, but provide plain language interpretation of the law itself to help you ensure compliance and monitor your impact on the environment.

We want to revolutionise the way people engage and learn about sustainability. We have a strong development plan to ensure we capture all areas affecting workforces today, and we are excited about the concepts we have planned, and the delivery of those plans. Watch this space.
Product v2.0
All of these developments will be culminated under one roof, in our new platform. We are aiming for the middle of next year but as with all product launches this is a moving target. As we mentioned before, Ditto’s unique offering added to our already robust waste management system, is going to revolutionise the way you manage your sustainability agenda.

Thats all folks

As you can see it has been a busy summer, but we are just getting started. The rest of this year, and the beginning of 2018 will bring a wealth of new and exciting announcements. 

Until next time...

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