Recycling Rates Stall but Landfill Falls in Northern Ireland

Monday, February 2, 2015

The provisional Northern Ireland Local Authority Collected (LAC) Municipal Waste Management Statistics July to September 2014 have been published and reveal that recycling rates appear to have stalled, although the amount of waste disposed to landfill in the country has fallen.

The latest figures show that, for the first time since 2009/10, the household dry recycling and composting rate has failed to show any quarter on quarter increase with the rate remaining at just below 46%.

Previous improvements in this quarter have been mainly driven by an increasing proportion of household waste being composted but this proportion has remained static at around 25%.   

Despite this, the amount of household waste being sent to landfill has fallen to below 89,000 tonnes a year, which is a reduction of 14% compared to last year when approximately 103,000 tonnes of waste was reportedly disposed to landfill.

This equates to only 40%, or two out of every five tonnes, of household waste now being sent to landfill and represents an improvement of almost 7% on the corresponding quarter last year.

Although the landfill results are promising, this significant reduction has been attributed to an increasing proportion of household waste being diverted for energy recovery rather than by any further improvement to the household recycling and composting rates.

The latest full statistics from the Northern Ireland Local Authority can be found here

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