Preventing Waste: The Journey of Food
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The Journey of Food is an interactive 30 minute eLearning module, developed by Cloud Sustainability in partnership with Veris.


The module gives an excellent overview of the food waste 'issue' and provides key actions we can implement to be more sustainable.   

The Journey of Food focuses on personal engagement, with the journey beginning at home before moving on to a number of different scenes and environments including agriculture, manufacturing, retail, catering and the waste industry.

The module very much focuses on the prevention of waste as a priority. We have also designed the product to enable easy customisation and personalisation from an organisation and enterprise perspective.

'This eLearning module helps individuals and organisations to understand food waste and to gain the basic knowledge to start to reduce wastage.' Tristram Stuart, FEEDBACK.


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Who has this module been designed for?

  • Individuals, teams or organisations looking for an introduction to best practice food waste management.
  • New staff as part of an induction programme.
  • Sustainability champions.
  • Senior Managers and Stakeholders.
  • Food producers and manufacturers.
  • Retail and catering outlet staff.
  • Students, Graduates.
  • Members of Professional Institutions looking for CPD.
  • No prior knowledge or experience in waste management is required.

Competition finalist!

The Journey of Food was shortlisted as a finalist in the EU REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest!

REFRESH is an EU research project taking action against food waste. 26 partners from 12 European countries and China work towards the project's goal to contribute towards Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 of halving per capita food waste at the retail and consumer level, and more generally help us think more sustainably about food.

The REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest brings recognition to these ideas and encourages their adoption globally.