Waste Expert 'Learn'
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Are you looking to up-skill or improve your knowledge in waste and resource management?

Waste Expert is a unique cloud-based software platform.  Exclusively accredited by CIWM, Waste Expert has been developed specifically with the waste hierarchy in mind, driving improvements in waste prevention, reuse and recycling practices.

Our Waste Expert ‘Learn’ package includes access to our accredited e-learning and reference platform (12 hours CPD). With information and training materials on a wide range of waste and resource management related subjects, Waste Expert is the perfect learning companion. 

The subscription price is for a single user for a year.  If you require access for multiple users please contact us to discuss an organisation subscription.


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Waste Expert is ideally suited to:

  • Waste and resource management professionals.
  • Individuals with waste management responsibilities.
  • Students/Graduates of waste and environmental related degree courses.

    What you will learn

    You and your colleagues will learn about all aspects of waste management, based around 9 core themes: 

    • What is Waste? – The definitions, identification and classification of different waste streams.
    • Basic Principles – An overview of the principles and concepts of sustainable waste and resource management, such the waste hierarchy and zero waste.
    • Legislation and Regulation – Key pieces of waste legislation, why they exist and who regulates them.
    • Waste Management Policy and Strategy – The benefits of an effective waste management policy and strategy and what these documents should include.
    • The Cost of Waste Management – The true cost of waste management, including waste charges and recommendations on how to reduce costs.
    • Effective Contractor Management – How to get the best value from your waste contractors.
    • Hazardous Waste Management – How to categorise and manage hazardous wastes.
    • Construction, Demolition and Excavation Waste – How to manage these specialist waste streams.

    At the end of each section there’s a short quiz to test your understanding and progress. Because this package is provided on a subscription basis, you’ll be able to revisit the module content and use it as an ongoing reference tool.  We are continually evolving the systems content and information provided.

    Additional features

    With this subscription you’ll also have access to the following additional benefits:

    • Ask the Expert – Ask our real-life professionals questions about your waste management issues and get a helpful response.
    • Your Documents – Your very own online document store containing a range of guidance documents and a framework for building your compliance, data and financial records

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    You have the option to assign Waste Expert to yourself, or someone else, as the ‘Administrator’ for your account. You will also be required to enter your Company or Account name. If you are using Waste Expert for personal use and don’t have a company name, you can enter any account name that is unique to you.

    If you want to buy the subscription for yourself, please select ‘Yourself’ as the Administrator from the drop down list. You can also purchase Waste Expert for 'Somebody else' using the same drop down list.

    To access Waste Expert, simply log in to ‘My Account’ and click on the Waste Expert tab.

    If you are interested in using Waste Expert for multiple users in your organisation, please contact the Cloud Sustainability team on 0845 287 3850 or use the sites live chat function. If you would prefer to pay using an alternative method, or discuss your different options, please call us today.

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