Latest WRAP Gate Fees Report Finds Little Change

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The latest WRAP Gate Fees Report was issued today and its shows that the costs of waste treatment options have remained relatively constant since last years’ assessment.

The report, which is compiled annually by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), is the eighth published report on waste gate fees across the UK.  It is based on information from local authorities and waste stream companies and provides the median and range of gate fees for a variety of recycling and waste treatment options.

Gate fees are charges to the waste producer for the quantity of waste received at waste treatment and disposal facilities.  They are usually charged per tonne of waste received.   

The report shows that gate fees at Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and Energy from Waste facilities (EfW) have differed the most since the previous assessment.

The median gate fee paid by authorities for MRF services is £6 per tonne in 2015, less than the median of £10 in 2014.  The range of gate fees at MRFs is also much wider than for other services, and while some local authorities report receiving as much as £43 per tonne in income for their unsorted materials, others report paying up to £86 per tonne to their MRF services.

A total of 33 local authorities (40%) reported that they either pay no gate fee, or receive payment from the MRF for their material, although the majority of local authorities questioned (65% of 99 local authorities) said they expected MRF gate fees to increase in the future.  The factors cited for this were market prices for sale of recovered materials and the quality of input material.

Gate fees for organics and composting remain in line with previous years.  The median gate fee for Open Air Windrow composting for green waste remains at £24 per tonne, which is unchanged from the previous two surveys.  The median In-Vessel Composting gate fee for mixed food and green waste is also unchanged from the last two surveys, remaining at £46 per tonne.

The median charge paid by local authorities for food waste treated at Anaerobic Digestion facilities has also stayed unchanged at £40 per tonne.

The largest increase in median gate fees was seen in Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities constructed before 2000, with a reported rise to £73 per tonne, up from £58 per tonne.  WRAP believes this difference is due to the survey receiving more responses for pre-2000 facilities in this year’s survey than in the last. The median EfW gate fee for facilities constructed after 2000 is £99 per tonne, an increase of £5 per tonne on last year.

The full report - Comparing the cost of alternative waste treatment options: Gate Fees report 2015 – can be accessed from the WRAP website here

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