iiE partnerhip pushes sustainability benefits

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Investors in the Environment (iiE) Consultancy is a not-for-profit support service that strives to achieve significant improvements in the environmental performance of the businesses it supports. This includes cost and carbon savings for clients, as well as other reputational benefits. The iiE Consultancy has 15 years of experience and a proven track record of delivering impressive results. In the last year alone iiE Consultancy has helped businesses save over £360,000. This was an average saving of over £8,000 per business.

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How we work together

We have formed a partnership with iiE to work together to encourage as many businesses as possible to improve their sustainability credentials.   We work with iiE to promote our product range to their members and customers who can benefit from discounts. 

Courses cover waste management, energy management, environmental management systems, corporate social responsibility and more.

  • An Introduction to Waste Legislation – The Journey of Waste - CIWM certified 
  • An Introduction to Managing Healthcare Waste - CIWM certified 
  • Best Practice Management of Healthcare Waste - CIWM certified
  • Waste Smart Certificate - CIWM certified
  • Energy Aware - Energy Institute certified
  • First Steps in Carbon Management - CIWM certified
  • Introduction to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility - CIWM certified 
  • Implementing and  auditing Environmental Management Systems - Based on ISO14001 standard
  • Embedding Sustainable Procurement 

Why they love us 

"Cloud Sustainability shares our long-term vision of focusing on the positives of environmental initiatives rather than the negatives, in order to make sustainable businesses not just the exception but the norm. To us, it made perfect sense to team up with Cloud Sustainability in order to deliver modern and cost-effective solutions through software and eLearning tools. Cloud Sustainability was a training provider with a difference, using innovative and engaging online resources. As an organisation, iiE Consultancy firmly believes in ‘walking the walk’ and Cloud Sustainability does just the same, ensuring that comprehensive waste reduction and recycling initiatives are in place in all their offices, that staff use public transport wherever possible, and that as a business they comply with all relevant environmental legislation. The fact that Cloud Sustainability’s courses are all online so businesses have flexibility and don’t have to leave the office (meaning less travel) makes it even more eco friendly." Carly Leonard, Chief Exec, iiE

Why we love them

"First and foremost, we are proud to be iiE members and firmly subscribe to the organisations philosophy. We are particularly impressed by the way the iiE works with businesses, forming long term relationships that drive sustainable improvement.  We are excited by our blossoming partnership and always look forward to iiE events and workshop sessions which offer tremendous value." Daniel Botterill, CEO, Cloud Sustainability


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