Food Waste eLearning beta and competition finalist

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Preventing Waste: The Journey of Food

We are excited to let you know that our new eLearning module developed in partnership with Veris, is being launched today in beta.

Equally exciting, is that the module has been short-listed as a finalist in the REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest.

Your vote counts

As a subscriber to our newsletter, and/or a previous purchaser of our eLearning, it would be very much appreciated if you would help us win the public competition vote.

To do so, please click onto the Vote for us! image to access the screen to cast your vote. You can vote every day between 1 and 28 February and if you are able to do so that would be great - however just one vote will help!

Beta available now

A beta version is available to buy at a special price through our Cloud Store.

Purchasing the beta during the voting period (1-28 Feb) will secure you a free updated version when released.

The module is a 30-minute interactive "Journey of Food", from farm to fork and beyond. It is a great generic introduction into food waste issues, and is narrated throughout by Adjoa Andoh (Eastenders, Doctor Who, Broadchurch).

"I'm really pleased with how the product has come together. When we started the development process, I dont think we truly appreciated all the complexities and different components in the food waste chain.

The resulting module gives an excellent overview of the food waste 'issue' and provides key actions we can implement to be more sustainable.  Breaking the food journey into different environments will also ensure we can adapt and personalise the module in a streamlined and cost effective way for our enterprise customers.

Dan Botterill, CEO, Cloud Sustainability.

"The topic of food waste has finally seen the convergence of social and environmental issues being considered by the consumer.

We fundamentally believe that by tackling the root cause of food waste at every touch point along the journey, we can inspire behaviour change by showing individuals that their actions matter and can play a hugely positive role both at work and home.

Kate Cawley, Creative Director, Veris Strategies.

This eLearning module by Cloud Sustainability and Veris helps individuals and organisations to understand food waste and to gain the basic knowledge to start to reduce wastage.

Tristram Stuart, FEEDBACK.
(from eLearning Foreword)

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