Cloud Sustainability Feature on WRAP’s Resource Efficient Innovations Database

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cloud Sustainability are delighted to have our Waste Expert system featured on the WRAP Resource Efficient Innovations Database (REID).

The Database, which is compiled and managed by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), showcases recent technologies in resource efficient products and packaging from around the world, including machinery, software, tooling, materials and design.

The REID database aims to help businesses across the retail supply chain to become more resource efficient, and in turn realise cost savings and wider social and environmental benefits.

In order for products, technologies and solutions to be listed within the database they must fulfil a range of criteria and demonstrate that they:

  • Improve resource efficiency;
  • Reduce carbon emissions; or
  • Reduce the wider environmental impacts of the retail sector, particularly the grocery or home improvement sectors.

We are thrilled that WRAP recognises that our innovative Waste Expert system fulfils all of the above criteria and that it has been successfully included within the database.

Waste Expert is a pioneering cloud based waste management software that works with users to drive continuous improvements in waste and resource management.  The system includes a range of training and eLearning tool to increase knowledge and understanding of waste management, ensuring new skills can be embedded on an organisational level.  It also includes comprehensive management tools to help organisations achieve legal compliance, implement best practice, develop strategic plans and analyse and monitor waste data and wider performance.   

Further information about Waste Expert can be found here.

Further information about REID, including access to all of the listed products and solutions, can be found on the WRAP website here.  

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