Working with CIWM to deliver cutting edge learning

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), is the professional body which represents over 7,000 waste professionals working in the sustainable resources and wastes management sectors- predominantly in the UK but also overseas. CIWM sets the professional standards for individuals working in the industry and has various grades of membership determined by education, qualification and experience.

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How we work together

We are working in partnership with CIWM on a range of industry first initiatives including the further development of Waste Expert and the development and delivery of cutting edge learning solutions via the CIWM Knowledge Hub.

Why they love us

"CIWM is delighted to be working exclusively in partnership with Cloud Sustainability to deliver Waste Expert, a truly innovative and flexible online software system. Built around three key principles – learning and development, compliance and continuous improvement – Waste Expert is the essential management system for new or experienced sustainability and waste management professionals. Importantly, it promotes the waste hierarchy, with a focus on prevention and reuse as well as recycling to help organisations and individuals develop a truly sustainable approach to waste and resource management. Its modular format also means the platform can be tailored to meet specific needs and budgets, which is an important benefit in today’s time and money constrained world.” Steve Lee, Chief Executive, The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

Why we love them

"We are proud to be working in partnership with CIWM to further develop and enhance our Waste Expert software system as well as evolve and grow the CIWM Knowledge Hub which has been a great success.   By working with CIWM we can ensure our Waste Expert platform and associated products are technically robust and up to date, which gives us a huge advantage in product development terms and in the continued value we offer to our customers."  Dan Botterill, CEO, Cloud Sustainability.

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