Cambridge University Hospitals tackles waste

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) is one of the largest and most well respected hospitals in the UK. CUH comprises Addenbrookes Hospital and the Rosie Hospital which offer general, specialist, women’s and maternity care to approximately 500,000 patients a year. Employing over 8,500 staff working across 65 wards in 30 Departments, CUH also boasts a leading national centre for treatment of rare and complex conditions, a specialist biomedical research centre and a world renowned university teaching hospital. All too aware of its environmental impact, CUH launched a “Think Green” programme in 2008 and continues to strive to waste and carbon reduction.

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The opportunity

The issues faced by CUH in regard to waste management were generally focused on the ability to readily, monitor and report on waste progress to their broad range of stakeholders.

  • Waste data and expertise monitoring was cumbersome with a plethora of spread sheets and external waste contractor records covering a multitude of waste streams.
  • Compiling information to allow effective reporting was a time consuming exercise which carried an inherent risk of errors.
  • Reporting was generally numerical, lacking meaningful translation through graphical representation making it hard to define trends and fully appreciate waste stream costs.
  • CUH understood that it required a more robust and user friendly data management system, one that would help them to determine the success of specific projects and initiatives against the waste hierarchy.

The Solution

  • Waste Expert has enabled CUH to compile all its data and contractor information in one centralised location.
  • The platform provides instant access in a simple to navigate, but in-depth reporting dashboard using a graphical interface for ‘at-a-glance’ understanding. Waste Expert is accessible from any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.
  • This easy to understand tool has allowed CUH to recognise a number of trends within their organisations waste, alerting CUH to a number of areas of opportunity within the organisation.

The Benefits

  • Since implementation CUH has been able to record and represent a consistent month-by-month improvement to its waste management processes, including higher recycling and reuse levels, as well as a notable reduction in landfill costs.
  • CUH has been able to demonstrate a 25% reduction in waste management costs thanks to the reporting tools within the Waste Expert Platform.
  • With the Waste Expert platform now in place, CUH is progressing further into the platforms functionality which offers a number of other benefits such as online training (fully accredited by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management), policy management and strategy building tools, automated legal compliance updates and centralised documentation control.

“Waste Expert has been a very useful addition to our Waste Management processes. We have appreciated Cloud Sustainability’s willingness in helping us to understand and get the most out of the Waste Expert platform, as well as work with us on a more strategic level to drive improvements in our waste management performance.

Since implementing Waste Expert, we have been able to easily report on how we have improved on all facets of waste management throughout the Hospitals. Using the platform we have been able to effortlessly demonstrate how we have made month on month cost savings to our stakeholders.

We look forward to utilising the platform to its full extent, helping us to set and monitor our waste management targets and more easily manage and control our compliance documentation."

Victoria Sawford MCIWM, Environmental Services Manager – Cambridge University Hospitals

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