ALS prepares temps for MRF action

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


ALS is an innovative recruitment agency providing temporary agency workers to recycling facilities throughout the UK. It provides temporary agency workers to Materials Recovery Facilities, Transfer Stations, Anaerobic Digestion Plants and other Recycling Facilities.

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The Opportunity

  • ALS regularly provides induction courses and training to recruits from across Europe; many of which use English as their second language.
  • ALS required a consistent, easy to use and updatable induction programme.
  • Delegate Reporting and attendance tracking was a critical requirement.

Our Solution

  • Cloud Sustainability developed a highly visual and animated eLearning module of about 30 minutes in duration. The content was written in easy-to-understand language so that the module could be delivered in either a group facilitated session, or provided through an online Learning Management System – The ALS Academy - for individual use.
  • Through our partnership with CIWM we ensured MRF Matters would receive CIWM Accreditation.


  • Cost effective and accredited solution to training ongoing numbers of people.
  • Easy to update and evolve content.
  • Flexible delivery through tutor facilitation and an online Learning Management System.
  • The ability to obtain reports for monitoring induction training attendance and health and safety.
  • Opportunity to deliver further online training as the need requires.


“By working in partnership with Cloud Sustainability, we have developed a platform to support the drive towards safety, as well as explaining the principles of waste and recycling, so our staff know WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and importantly WHY they are doing it.” Steve Lanigan, National Commercial Manager, ALS Managed Services and Outsourcing Solutions.

“Cloud Sustainability’s approach to project management, partnership and stakeholder engagement has allowed us to deliver a cost effective, innovative and forward thinking solution to our customers.” Steve Lanigan, National Commercial Manager, ALS Managed Services and Outsourcing Solutions.


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